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OV Cleansing Oil

Step1 cleansingThe pleasantly soft. Plant oil-based cleansing oil. OV Cleansing oil Cleansing oil to a high cleaning effect without straining the skin. Suppress the reduction of the moisture and elasticity.

OV Beauty Essence

STEP 2 Lotion trainingHealthy & fresh skin by power of plant. Rough skin prevention effect is noted in the excellent, and we select a balanced mix of highly pure plant extracts. This skin lotion moisten the skin with fresh moisture. Beauty Essence OV SR (lotion)

OV Day Cream

Step 3 trainning Enhances the barrier function of skin resistanceOlive leaf extract (activation of intra- vitamin anti-oxidative enzymes skin protection.)Protects the skin from environmental stress and serves as an excellent make up primer.

OV Night Cream

Enhances the barrier function of skin resistanceApricot juice (Boost the generation of hyaluronic acid)Corn-sterylglycoside (reinforcement of stratum corneum barrier & of the bound water)Reinforces the elasticity of the skin and revitalizes damaged skin during the night creating a smoother surface on the skin. OV Night Cream

OV Intensive Face Mask

Anchor the intercellular lipid ceramide 1 (※1) succeeded in the encapsulation of lipoproteins. High-purity active form of vitamin E (※2) was formulated in such a unique combination. Dry, dull, and taken to the multilateral Special mask signs of aging, such as lack of elasticity. Skin emollient skin protective ingredient
※ 1...

OV PC Essence FD

Extra special trainingEnhance the beauty. For clear youth skin.The freeze-drying technique was pure collagen formulation was maintained stable collagen structure intact.Penetrate the stratum corneum, while smooth, high water-holding capacity to deliver natural collagen, brings clarity and smoothness filled with moisture.
@0.1g ×4本、A30mL ×1本

OV Wrinkle Serum (Serum)

Intercellular lipid lipoprotein reproduce the familiar natural skin permeation capsule. Give firmness and elasticity LC activator ( ※ ) to the power of beauty and vibrant. Approach to the surface and deep, inner essence of the skin rebuild.
※ skin protective ingredient OV-Wrinkle Serum (Serum)

OV Rich Oil

Stiffness by eliminating grain drying and six carefully selected vegetable oils. Betatsukazu is the essence of luxury to give oil supple elasticity and shine. After the STEP 2, please use as a massage oil or daily care. OV-rich oil

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